Our School


Our school, Die Waldorfschule, was founded in 2012. The school has been situated at its current location in Neusiedl am See since September 2016. It is a self-administered, private school providing general education. Our school is subject to public law (eight academic years) and the teachers work according to Rudolf Steiner’s pedagogical ideas.

We emphasize a trustful, interactive and process-oriented relationship between students, parents and teachers.


The individuality of the growing and developing child is the centre of our attention. It is our aim to stimulate and support personal strengths and talents of the child. Furthermore, we try to help our students to find a free, responsible and critical approach towards life.

In a Rudolf Steiner school there are main classes (two lessons a day) and secondary subjects. The main classes, e.g. writing, reading, algebra, geometry, history, geography, physics, chemistry, astronomy, take place in sequences of several weeks – so called epochs. This way, the children can delve into a subject and deal with it in depth. It is a very sensual process, especially for students in lower grades and creativity never goes short. The main classes follow a certain dramaturgy. Fairy tales and myths accompany a topic, students draw a lot and some calculations are memorized while students skip with skipping ropes. An epoch ends after four or five weeks and the contents can rest and sink into the students’ minds.


Subjects like English, Hungarian, music, nature studies, needlework and handicrafts are substantial subjects – just like in other schools. The children start English in the first grade.

Eurythmy, the art of expressing oneself in movements, takes place once a week and is supposed to increase spatial perception and self-awareness.


The school is open to all children regardless of their economic, religious, political or cultural background. Our association „Waldorfverein Pannonia“ is the legal sponsor.

Classes start at 8.30am and end, depending on the grade, between 12.35 and 3.35pm.